My first book Hard Gal fi Dead is out next month! See you at the reading?

Hi lovelies!

Remember the book I said I’ve been writing? It’s almost ready to drop, and I’ll be reading excerpts from it this Sunday at the Stone’s Throw Bar in Kingston. [I know it’s been ageeeees since I last posted but bear with me, lots going on including the building of a new website and this new book]! Speaking of which, it’s called Hard Gal fi Dead: Musings, Poems, Notes to self and I’m one of three women presenting for the night. Come out early if you’re in the area to see the cover for the first time, hear my interview and reading. I’ll also try to set up live streaming for those who can’t make it.


To be honest, I’m a bit nervous as it’s my first time reading it for anyone since completing it, but I’m getting my head in the zone and I know it’ll be worthwhile as the other ladies performing are awesome, too. Come check us all out at the series finale of Speak (word, sound, power) this Sunday and be sure to come say hi!

More updates on the new way forward coming soon.

Love, light & blessings,


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How to make 2018 your year *for real this time* (FREE goal-getting formula inside!)

[10-min read] 2018-goal-setting-formula

Greetings loves! Wishing you a peaceful, reflective, focused and fun year-end.

I’m sharing some quick tips based on my 2017 life lessons and notes to self. I write a lot of these when I journal and I believe they’ll also help you create the life you want in 2018. The focus for me next year (and all others) will be #mindbeingwellness as I am working towards total health and more feelings of contentment regardless of the many shitstorms life can bring. This year was definitely about learning big things for me (mostly the hard way – yay, bitch :-/)… butttt the good thing about tough lessons is if you have at least a shred of sense, you learn that shit quick so you don’t have to do it again.

Today’s post is all about that, so without further ado, here are some reminders I wrote to myself and the wider world, as well as a strategy for actually achieving goals and creating the life you want. Read, enjoy, bookmark/Pocket, re-read several times and put them into practice. You can’t go wrong!

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Inner View: The Healthy Workplace (interview with Tambourine Army’s Black Sauna Radio)


Greetings loves,

Happy Monday! Today’s post is another quick one and my second interview with Tambourine Army / WE-Change Jamaica’s Black Sauna Radio podcast. (You can listen to the first one here in case you missed it). I’m honoured to have been re-invited, representing my blog this time (heyyyyy) and we had a nice little chat about what a healthy workplace should look and feel like.

This topic is dear to my heart, having had a number of unhealthy experiences and I shared my personal take as well as other important tidbits in this Inner View. Plus, mental health at work is the focus of World Mental Health Week 2017, so go ahead and press play, I think you’ll like it.  Continue reading